Sunday, August 3, 2008

Now it's Getting Exciting

I'm posting this entry from our backyard. It's a gorgeous day in Central PA and I couldn't bear the thought of sitting inside.

So I packed up my laptop and various accoutrements and headed outside for fresh air and Vitamin D. As long as no little ants crawl inside my laptop and fry themselves (and my motherboard), I think this will be a great day.

While the our backyard is pretty nice, the biggest excitement is happening out front. Our garden is thriving. Check that. Our garden is absolutely out-of-control. We had no idea that tomato and squash plants could get so big. Here Kevin shows off our waist-high squash monster.

We have an heirloom tomato plant growing called the Mortgage Lifter. Apparently, these tomatoes grow large; in some cases, up to two pounds apiece. Here's our first. The scale isn't clear from the picture, but it can sit in two cupped hands. We'll make BLT's tonight to celebrate.

Every day or so we head outside to harvest what is ready. For the first couple weeks, we would get to pick a zucchini or two and maybe a couple of cherry tomatoes. But now our garden is really flourishing. Here's last night's bounty: three crookneck squash, a zucchini, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a small red tomato, a small yellow tomato, and our monstrous Mortgage Lifter.

Our food bill has dropped dramatically as we plan meals around what our garden is producing. And we are eating so well. Thursday night I made a Zucchini and Chick Pea Curry that was delicious. Friday was homemade pizza with Pesto and Yellow Tomato Sauces from our garden. And yesterday I baked two loaves of zucchini bread: one sweet and one savory.

Having our own garden has been a revelation. We had no idea it could be so satisfying. We're already making plans for expansion next summer.

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